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Testing has shown that carpet acts as both a superior floor covering and a versatile acoustical material. Carpet absorbs ten times more airborne noise than any other flooring material and as much as most other types of standard acoustical materials. It virtually eliminates floor impact noises at the source. Since no other acoustical material "doubles" as a floor covering, and since no other material is as effective in reducing floor impact noise, the concept of carpets dual role as an acoustical flooring can mean even more substantial savings and greater planning flexibility. This dual role is never more obvious until you replace carpet with wood floors in your own home. The first step after hardwood installation is to purchase area rugs to cover the hardwood to reduce echo and sound reverberation. In actuality, the cost of carpet should be compared to the costs of other flooring materials plus an equivalent acoustical treatment, to appreciate this aspect of its total value.

Carpet provides a tremendous choice of colors, textures, and designs to suit every taste. Custom designed carpet for the home also is available at reasonable prices. Carpet has a way of framing the furnishings in a room, which makes them look more important and distinctive.

The prestige and dignity that carpet lends to any business establishment or institution is widely recognized. Carpet dramatically enhances the feeling of quality in interior design - a major consideration in hotels and motels. Carpet also has the ability to provide a warm, cozy, comfortable environment for the home. Many commercial facilities, such as hospitals, select carpet to provide a more homelike environment

If your looking for a carpet that is great looking and long-lasting you will find that from our suppliers.  They have a reputation for fine design, durablity and customer service thats unsurpassed.   When you purchase carpet from us, you are purchasing a great product backed by durability and affordability.